IN THE PLACE WHERE THE (HUMAN) BEINGS CAN WALK THROUGH BUILDINGS´ WALLS is a walk in the company of a Drone-god, a walk to exercise the super power NOT used of the inhabitants of Brasilia. Walk maybe from an emblematic place like the first super block or from anywhere in this city that is ALL an emblem. The idea arises when I realized that the Google Map can´t draw a human distance, because it is wrong with distances to not consider the super power of the citizens of Brasilia. Then the first architectural dictatorship of Brasilia, which tries to condition its inhabitants, struggles with this other new and digital imposition.

An epic walk in this frozen dream of the future, this pilot dream. The drone-God accompanied me in the search of those few walkers and together we saw how they disappeared and reappeared. We trace these invisible dream paths, "paths of desires" ("caminho dos desejos"). The action of the audiovisual record is performative and applies a method of hypothesis validation. A determined time of the "walkers hunt" is established and after this Ismael Rodríguez, Mexican performer and visual artist, makes his own journey, using or not, this super power. At that moment he is persecuted by the god-drone.

To connect the public space with the people, who are finally the axis (not achieved) of this city, epicenter-person, I connected them with a place of exhibition after to the registration of the drone. In this, any walker can re-activate the record of this video and accompany us, God and me, manifested through the figure of this digital bird, which looks at us from its heights. The result is two video-installations. The interactive piece through an application made for it and a sensor Kinect allows this person to control the reproduction of the video with its walk. The other is participatory and invites to "pursue" by tracing now with a physical trace, traces on the projection, the performative walk of Ismael. A comparison of cities in a simple action. Brasilia: a city to be walked where you do not walk. Lima is a city where you can´t really walk. Lima is a catuaba. And Brasilia is an immense Kené, where I trace and sing the ritual, configuring that world basted with places and moments.

This project is the result of OCA: I International Artistic Residence "Experiences and city in Latin America" organized by Cultural Diffusion Directorate (DDC) of Extension Deanship of the University of Brasilia (DEX / UnB), Organization of Ibero-American States for Education, Science and Culture (OEI) and Social Service of Commerce (Sesc / DF), House of Culture of Latin America (CAL), Brasilia-DF, Brazil. It was exhibited in Anarquia Reticular, Galeria Espaço Piloto – IdA /UnB, y en Open artists' studios, House of Culture of Latin America, both collective exhibitions in Brasilia-DF, Brazil, 2017. Abertura N. 4 As coisas que são ditas antes, Casa Baka, Porto Alegre, Brazil, 2019.