Hybrid generated from a city and its inhabitant. This project seeks to create a reflection on the symbiosis city - residents, physical exchanges, chemical and information between both, which generate a third body, its moves between the micro and the macro, the skin and the city, we called it: Biocartography. This project understands the city as a living being constituted by information flows, whose starting point is a sample of human skin which is analyzed with Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM). These resulting SEM photomicrographs show that each skin is a biocartography itself, possessing information concerning their environment. Therefore it rethinks the use of mass media, science and images as information.

Biocartographies is a reflection about the involvement of the environment on people and the burden of information that each has and carries with it as part of their structure and behavior. This symbiosis is mixture city and biological information that generates vivid and personal maps of a city and its inhabitants.

The present city is a living hybrid space, moves between the virtual and the physical, in which happen actions that replace those for it was originally established. This symbiosis occurs at data sharing level and this data is raw material of all that we are. The information required to build each individual (DNA) and each city (cartography).This information interaction between the resident and environment-container generates the third city or third space that is a hybrid of both, physical and virtual.