CAMINHO DOS DESEJOS: telepresential ritual

"CAMINHO DOS DESEJOS" (Path of desires in Portuguese language) refers to those unplanned roads that the inhabitants of Brasilia create and that with time and use end up becoming visible. This project is derived from the project O LUGAR ONDE OS SERES (HUMANOS) ATRAVESSAM EDIFÍCIOS, developed during OCA: I International Artistic Residence "Experiences and city in Latin America". These “caminhos” are the routes registered with a god-drone in the city of Brasilia. These paths that someone marked are traces of a walker, the Mexican artist Ismael Rodríguez. And now, they are now marked in another person, in another distant place, in a remote action.

"Caminho dos desejos" is a deferred ceremonial act, a telepresential ritual to which we can only attend via streaming. With this act, in the manner of a monumental Kené *, we unite two spaces, two places geographically: Lima and Brasilia, through the Brazilian artist, and now shaman, Gustavo Silvamaral.

A path of desires among our cities.

"... and if something I have to recover from the old stories is that the maps are drawn by those who, if they do not walk, set sail." Ismael Rodríguez

Caminho dos desejos, telepresential ritual, was showed simultaneously at deCurators, Brasilia, Brazil and at Lima as part of the event CUERPOS DIGITALES PARA LA ACCIÓN (Digital Bodies for Action-Technological Decolonization Performances) at elgalpon.espacio, Lima, Perú, January 27, 2018.

*KENÉ is the traditional design of the Shipibo-Conibo people from peruvian Amazonian jungle. Kené is the system of geometric patterns use on different supports.