Cecilia Vilca (Peru) / Helio Santos (Mexico)

Video interactive installation that ponders on the morbid curiosity of the audience, its necessity and fascination for looking, voyeurism and the use of internet media in this context. It displays a visual reality built from the most viewed videos from YouTube worldwide. With its promise ‘Broadcast Yourself’, the portal works as a mirror multiplier, and it is a tool for its users to show, teach, state, remember and even charm. The spectator/participant is in any case, the trigger, the catalyst, and who contributes with the variables that construct the piece, without whom, the video graphic signal has no meaning or structure, only information flowing with no direction. This proposal intends to present the materialization of information flow in the network, the use of media and communication networks for the alienation of "infoxicated" societies. Causing the visual to impact on the real world, or maybe just trying. What is that something that you can do and could not do before, or that you do now by broadcasting a video? Does visual reciprocity exist? Is love mutual when you see me but I'm really not looking at you? Moreover, when what you see is only what I want to show you?.