"Today our bodies seem to be inhabited by other bodies, and these bodies try to fit into an aesthetic built by the media and fashion. In this endeavor they develop pathological behaviors and introduce us to a vicious circle which is regulated by external alien molds. These are unhealthy and most people do not fit and will not fit and even don´t have to seek to fit into them… Encaja/Insert: S vs. L. GAME OVER."

The body before or the body now, which one do you prefer? The performance is an interactive multimedia game in which the viewer is a player / participant invited to choose between versions of one body: BEFORE or AFTER. Then he or she must try to snap the body of its choice with the real body of the performer. This is a struggle-game between bodies trying to fit and to not. At the same time an audio combines game instructions, with some testimonials of the performer about eating disorders and weight loss operation, gastric sleeve.

Encaja/Insert: S vs. L is a perverse and playful game that uses banal as bait to confront us with what we consider to be a survival issue: the aesthetic social mandate of the hegemonic and commercialized image of western women. The body itself is not one, are our bodies, this set of versions of ourselves we inhabit.

It has been exhibited at ENCUENTRO VII: Internacional Performance Festival, NNM Studio; {ESPACIO & PRESENCIA I: Performance Cicles}, Proyecto AMIL; Cuerpos digitales para la Acción: Performances de decolonización tecnológica, elgalpon.espacio; Acciones Escénicas, CUBIL: ephemeral cultural space; Conferencia Performática: Danza, Cuerpo y Tecnología, Faculty of Performing Arts of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, all in Lima, Peru. Menudas Obras, ELTI - Latin American Encounter of Independent Theater, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Cuerpos Transmutables: performance, micropolíticas y tecnología, La Colorida Cultural Space and Fuera de Foco / Art Space both in Tucuman and in LaMar EnCoche Multispace in Jujuy, Argentina. Sachapuyu Festival | Contemporary Art Festival, DCDC, Amazonas, Peru.