"A labyrinth of blue cells and acids,
A tower of words that never reaches heaven."

We start from the hypothesis that romantic love is a disease, a linguistic virus, the malware that constitutes one of the basic pillars of patriarchy, as a social technology. It is the beginning of all violence that is inflicted on our body-booty. Diluted in songs, sayings and compliments is "gently" inoculated in us. That is why in this art project we propose the urgent creation of a biomaterial, performative-ritualistic-scientific-medical, an antidote to cure (us) of romantic love and stop, eradicate this chronic pandemic.

The raw material of the bio-antidote(s) will be our visceral data, which is obtained from the contrast and verification of these romantic love sayings with some medical analysis techniques hacked into their significance and interaction (dose/spell indication) with the participant-patient. Medical protocols will be followed to identify and treat the disease: Diagnosis, Creation of antidote and finally Dosing, dividing the ongoing project into three stages.

Our preliminary diagnosis is that the language being a virus enters the body from an initial point to expand and affect the different organs. The power granted to these phrases makes them sentences of death. Each saying acts on a specific organ, curses it. The bio-antidote is created from the data and matter of the "sick" organ that is the one that has received and assimilated the curse of romantic love.

We contaminate each other the methodologies of science and belief to give a ritualistic dimension to a heteronormative white western medical apparatus. We light the candle to all the saints, we call all the specialists, we dance to all the gods. A DIY/DIWO/DIT epigenetics. We are the modest inoculated witnesses of Donna Haraway and at the same time we enchant everything as Paul Preciado reflects. We the zero patients, Lorena and Cecilia, offer our visceral data in-love: blood, feces, sweat, tears. What will be the selected components? We do not know but as a starting point we have a corpse, a metaphorical body full of other deaths and hopes. Ready to be read. A forensic love.

This project that was born with an air of predestination a couple of weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic started. It has been shortlisted in the framework of Hangar Residency, Biofriction Open Call. The war against the virus of romantic love has been declared in conference format at the TTT Taboo - Transgression - Transcendence in Art &Science” (TTT2020 - Art &Science), 26-28 November, University of Applied Arts Vienna/Online, Austria.