Alasitas are miniature figures that in Aymara tradition are used to make wishes. Habitat-Alasita is the materialization of a desire, the materialization of my affections. It is an organism-house formed by a group of pandemic-homes, of friends of mine and family that is modified in relation to the development of the pandemic.

Incantation of the incomplete,
incantation of what I do not see or cannot see.
Instructions to find the heart of the house.
Ritualize the technique.
Photogrammetry to get Alicia out of the mirror.
Reverse engineering of the photographic image.
Micropolitics of a pandemic.

Pandemic home that oscillates between imprisoning me and protecting me. Coral reflection of what you mean. Home can be the music, or a table turned into a family casino. This new place where you read the world. Or where you sleep after creating divinities or finding the color yellow. Two sofas to watch TV with your little big family. Or a room where you believe-create, produce, and dream. Kitchens full of laughter, micheladas, some macerated chilcanos and the laughter of my godson, the best (ex) child in the world. Or the coziest armchair in the neighborhood-more-neighborhood of the city-more-city.

I can hear the cicadas, I can travel. I still do not know what the heart of my house is. I confirm that all of it is. From the collective to the rituality of the private and everyday life. Identity and habitat two concepts that intertwine. A home-loving traveler believes that home expands and unleashes in the heart of all its cities.

Habitat-Alasita was exhibited at Intermissão: Produção em tempos de isolaciones is part of the extension project "Ações em Arte nos tempos do Covid-19" of the Universidade de Brasília (UnB), Brasilia, Brazil and is co curated by Leticia Braga and Ludmylla Barbosa with curatorial guidance from the professor and PhD Cinara Barbosa. Exhibition in virtual format that in 2021 will have its physical version in Brasilia.