HUACA-CUPIM (Cupim or not cupim)

This project was started in an artistic residence in the Botanical Garden of Brasilia, Brazil, where the Cerrado biome, in risk of extinction, is studied and preserved. Huacas are pre-Hispanic adobe temples of Peruvian coast cultures. This project plays with the idea of Western epistemological colonialism, which historically, and with all sorts of arguments, reduced us to animals and where nature's role in shaping our identity was trivialized. So, we ourselves decided reduce us to insects, to make fiction with Brasilia´s red soil. We are these insects, we leave our saliva to build the temple. This soil is red as our blood. Red, red. And hard. Ritualizing science, a microscopic pilgrimage takes place on the Krahô Indian Trail. Using a Foldscope, the pilgrim reinsert idolatries in the territory. The result is projected over termite (cupim) mound. A biological huaca.The invisible to the eyes exists: ancient technology, DNA of belief.

FOLDSCOPE: This project, carried out with the philosophy of citizen science, has created a community in the world to which the Cerrado now belongs.

DIY PROJECTOR: DIY (Do It Yourself) is the way to build technology with elements we can find in our daily lives. In this way, we understand that technology is not strange to us. Just as there are such devices, these features, so there is ancestral technology. Technology is not something in the future, nor something that only so-called developed countries can create.