This is a project of living heritage, art and memory. An investigation of ways to perceive, create and understand the ancestral art of the Amazon Shipibo Konibo and connect it with new technologies. It includes a holistic vision of a social phenomenon, the struggle for the continuity of traditions in a migrant community, called Cantagallo, which is located on the rim of the Rimac River in Lima, capital of Peru. We work from the understanding of the ancestral knowledge (methodologies, cosmovision) focusing on the creation of painted mantles and the ceremonial songs "Icarus" that accompany it ritually. These play a fundamental role of connection with the spirits of nature. "Kené" means design in shipibo-konibo language. Kene and Icarus are intangible heritage of Peru.

The project is transdisciplinary and socializes this cultural heritage with the community and the artisan mothers of Cantagallo through the new technologies. It connects territories, generations, past and future. It is divided into stages:

The research part of the project is based on the understanding of the ancestral technique and its process, and in turn, materializes in a documentary transmedia. In order to achieve this objective, field visits have been made to the migrant community, interviews with artisans and experts in amazonia (anthropologists, scientists and historians) and an approach to materials from science in a laboratory specialized in electron microscopy.

We develop a generative application of Kené design that is modified by the atmospheric changes because the chemistry and the climate, affect the materials and the processes. It also creates "chemical ícaros" that result from the transformation of this chemical information into sounds. Processes like underground rivers underlie and escape metaphor and direct narration, generative art brings us through the visualization of information to the experience of understanding.

An organic growth on the capital and its inhabitants that we want to translate into a video-mapping that would wear the city of jungle, of tradition, symbolism, identity and natural shipiba culture projecting in real time the result of the generative application. "The jungle gives the knowledge", branches from the micro to the macro.