Cecilia Vilca (Peru) / Helio Santos (Mexico)

Interactive installation that use images and videos from public security cameras by several cities around the world founded in internet. The participant is situated in a sort of virtual tour or immersive telepresence and involves a physical space, a kind of virtual reality constructed by these images that are wickedly captivating, inviting you to watch.

When one or more persons entering the installation space and these are beginning to move in it, a series of videos are detonated and start generating this trip around the world, seen through the Orwellian eyes, the eyes watching, eyes controlling masses. The user is introduced through the performative character of this instalation, but also the public image is embedded within the video, into a kind of game of mirrors, the user sees himself, walked into the cities.

We are at the other side of the keyhole, the hunter, hunted. Voyeur attitude is so demanding that becomes physical, and literally through technology shorten distances are relative approaching our object of observation, walks around the world, watching. Space refers to the actual physical coordinates at each point in space is georeferenced.

This project provides a reflection on the presence - absence and relative distance of the cities and the world, shortened by digital technologies and telematic communication, talk about how we interact, and the nonlinearity of the physical- virtual distances current. The voyeurism - role - pseudo news, the correlation between surveillance and spectacle.
Is the other's gaze a prison? Or the punishment is a leading award? How many of us can survive this constant surveillance? Is there such free space "society of the look"? Can we achieve this?