PAR. VERSIÓN REMOTA (PAIR. REMOTE VERSION) created by the Peruvian digital artist Cecilia Vilca and the Bolivian choreographer dancer Maque Pereyra, is a multidisciplinary art project that articulates contemporary dance, performance, video mapping and telepresence to establish a real dialogue between dancer and spectator in which the memory and personal evocation come to the surface and are interpreted through body movement.

PAR. VERSIÓN REMOTA has two axes; the performance and connection to a remote location in real time where the same performance is taking place. The performance lasts for two hours, where ten participants individually and private interact directly with the performer, with verbal questions and bodily responses. Thus, with it an intimate fluid of bidimensional experiences is established where the participant is an active subject.

From this pair, like the shock waves generated by a pebble dropped in water, this bipersonal experience multiplies and spreads to other remote locations where another version of PAR will happen with same concepts and technology. Simultaneously, the audience which is outside the intimate space of the performance, both locations, can view via streaming the development of this experience and know/imagine in the movements of the performer the participant responses.

This project has been presented in La Paz, Bolivia and also in Mexico connected via streaming in 2014. In 2015 in Lima at the Cultural Center of Spain in Lima, simultaneously at the gallery Arteriet in Kristiansand, Norway. In both versions, the artists Cecilia Vilca and Maque Pereyra use the digital art and electronic devices, not only to create a long-distance connection between artistic facts, but to encourage interactive meeting of a body facing each other and the reflection on the territoriality of the bodies, on their ability to reflect and project the "other".