Curatorial text

Currently the cities speak through available torrents of information nevertheless objects have always talked to us. Through them archaeologists and scientists communicate with the past and show us other purposes than only the utilitarian. They bring us closer to the rituality of objects.

The relics are objects of faith, which carry wishes. "It is a body part of a person, or all of it, revered by some reason or some object that is worthy of veneration. Reliquiae from Latin means what's left". These "pieces of faith" in the past also traveled from one place to another.

Future relics is a research about the power of objects as containers, where we add information and subjective contents. Also about data they already have which is mutable and is "contaminated" by their environment, their chemical composition. It explores scientific methods such as electron microscopy and combines them with data visualization and archeology. Future relics is a confrontation of divinity and beliefs with the supposed coldness of data that speaks from the physical. It is a clash with the future. It is research, travel, process. They are souvenirs of faith.

Digital art project resulting from the artistic residency of the Despina Program, held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, during January and February 2016, culminating in an exhibition in Largo das Artes. It was also exhibited at the Microverso exhibition, art / science exhibition, Peruvian University of Applied Sciences (UPC) in May and June of 2016.

Set of Future Relics for Orixá Oxossi, Brazilian deity:

- "Relic 1": 3D of electron microscopy images made with Photogrammetry.

- "Relic 2": Developed software that converts chemical data into sound.

- Video projectionof electron microscopy images of samples taken during residence in Rio de Janeiro. They were exhibited next to real samples. These materials are related to Oxossi.

- Text by writer/artist/believer .