HYBRIS_Latinoamerica: political audiovisual memory

“Owen developed his own theory about the drunkenness of power suffered by some leaders and baptizes this ailment as Hybris. According to Aeschylus, the gods envied the success of the humans and sent the curse of Hybris to who was on the summit, driving him crazy. The Hybris is excess, it is absolute pride, loss of the sense of reality.”

The project aims to consolidate and / or construct an urgent audiovisual memory using the existing material but dispersed on the internet, making it a vigilant policy tool to be used in decisive moments in our countries against the disinformation and distraction generated by traditional media (TV, radio, newspapers). These not only do not inform themselves but also create media circuses combined with the culture of entertainment-garbage to keep the population dispersed, uninformed and therefore divided. It then picks up the vigilant attitude of the population and encourages it by using existing resources such as videos uploaded to the internet, everyday devices such as cell phones, projectors "Do It Yourself", people's own body as a projection surface that converts them In exhibitors-performative. It is also an archive tool, to reflect and preserve this volatile phenomenon of audiovisual denunciation in networks consolidating it as memory. Creating a collection that accompanies the political changes in the countries and also the vertiginous transformation of its own audiovisual technology.

HYBRIS_Latinoamerica: political audiovisual memory was chosen to be part of the residencia CONTRALAB:Reboot CONTRALAB: Reboot residency that took place from 10 to 16 of July in Nuvem - Estação Rural de Arte e Tecnologia (Visconde de Mauá, RJ, Brazil).

The performance tool was also "freed" in the Performeada.04: Panopticon/Surveillance Technologies. El Galpón Espacio, Lima, Peru, July 29 and 30, 2016.